Brochure Design, Layout and Printing


Brochures are one of the most common forms of advertising that businesses use today. Brochures allow you to communicate basic information about your business, your products and your location to consumers in a format that all consumers, young and old, are comfortable with. This tangible form of advertising allows the customer to have something to take away and serve as a reminder of the company.

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    Brochure Design and Printing - Navitas at WKU

    Informational brochure that detailed the requirements, class offerings, and

  • Direct Marketing Campaign Kentucky

    Brochure Design - Campo Group

    A mailable brochure designed to give a basic overview of the Campo Group, healthcare recruitment firm.

  • Brochure Design KY

    Brochure Design - Quality Tooling

    Informational brochures for Quality Tooling detailing the company history, services offered, and featuriing photography of the equipment.

  • Direct Mail Services

    Brochure Design and Printing - Sterett Equipment

    Informational brochure used in sales presentations for Sterett Equipment.

  • Brochure Design - BLD Science

    Informational brochure that gave a quick overview of the services offered by BLD Science.

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    Brochure Design and Printing - Kevin O'Conner

    Public speaker, Kevin O'Conner, used these informational brochures to help participants in his public speaking engagements.

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    Brochure Layout - Gemini Homes

    An information card aimed at the medical industry - Certa is a medical waste solutions company.

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    Brochure Layout - ODP

    Auction Solutions is an auction house specializing in the Bowling Green and Louisville, KY markets.

  • Direct_Mail_Services

    Brochure Layout - OMP

    A direct marketing piece to potential new customers, emphasizing the FREE home security system.

  • Direct Mail Services

    Brochure Design and Printing - Sumitomo Electric

    A Direct Mail piece aimed at potential new home buyers and those looking to build.

  • Brochure Design and Printing - Summit Gathering Event

    A direct marketing campaign to landowners looking to potentially market timber.